Water purification systems


The product is assigned for linking complex anion-cationic active foulings into safety compounds. It is possible to apply for next-stage technological units protection from chemical erosion and for environment threat degradation.

The product is a streaming chemical neutralization electrolyzer, corresponding with Russian State Standart 15150-99 common technical requirements. Service should be done according to working drawing specification.

Environment temperature (°C)

from -40 to 40

Operating pressure (MPa)

up to 1.6 (16kgf/cm2)

By installation flange couplings and grounding availability must be carefully verified. Operating environment corrosive impact must be less than applied material capabilities. By maintenance required procedures are:

  • annual cleaning;
  • by above-zero temperature – «karcher» washing;
  • visual inspection;
  • as necessary – electrodes abrasive cleaning and(or) their replacement.

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