SINTEG - innovations and achivements

Since 1996 till 2012 were completed over 100 works on the following areas:

  • industrial automatics;
  • management systems and problems, including project management decision support systems;
  • information technologies and information system development, information security, software quality management, including:

I. Research and complex automation of production and technological processes, decision support systems for engineering and technologies

  • Planning of the rolling mill using valid sequences of rolling.
  • Computation of various section dimensions rolling on continuous mills rational sequence.
  • Using of linear programming method for the rolling mills load studying.
  • Methodologies development for industrial facilities algorithmic structure research based on a management tasks comprehensive assessment.
  • Research and improvement of management system for section rolling production integrated automation.
  • Improvement of the continuous light-section mills load computation algorithm.
  • Development of automatic metal tracking and endless rolling mills speed mode management systems.

II. Business management

  • Methodology of computer technologies using in radiation exposure consequences liquidation.
  • Methodology of using a scenario approach to the business systems behavior modeling.

III. Information technologies

  • Development of methods and documenting standards in software tools configuration management.
  • Development of system engineering methods and standards in complicated software tools for information systems.

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