Research is the basis of the SPA “SINTEG” activity aimed at getting the long-term effect from innovations implementation.

SPA “SINTEG” conducts research in technical solutions area for: aviation, radio electronics, petrochemical industry, telecommunication facilities.

Fundamental and applied research as well as development activity is conducted in the following fields:

  • theoretical and experimental research in the field of aerodynamics, gas dynamics, heat transfer, thermal protection and fluid dynamics;
  • airframe thermal strength tests;
  • flight dynamics and control studies, development of control systems for aircraft;
  • aircraft engineering and electric aircraft propulsion systems testing;
  • research in aircraft reliability, technical condition evaluation and certification;
  • methodology of constructions thermal resistance computation;
  • mathematical modeling and simulation of control systems;
  • control systems and electrical equipment devices and elements loop simulation, creation of test and simulation systems;
  • research and development in the field of information security systems;
  • research and development in the field of airborne remote sensing equipment, construction of ground segment flight control systems for receiving, processing and communicating information to the consumer ;
  • research in the field of thermal barrier and absorbing materials, sealants and coatings;
  • development of power systems with solar batteries and electrochemical energy storage devices;
  • research in the field of radar signals reflected from different objects;
  • development of thermomechanical equipment, machinery and constructions for energy and oil-and-gas and chemical companies.

Within mentioned areas the SPA “SINTEG” conducts research and development, provides consulting in implementation of joint projects with Russian and international companies

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