SPA "SINTEG" - system integrator

Scientific and Production Association SINTEG was founded by a group of scientists and engineers for more than 20 years ago. SPA SINTEG disposes of highly intellectual and highly skilled cadre potential; has pilot-production plant, computing center, and experimental base for: research and development works execution; manufacturing new types of products on basis of high-end technologies with up-to-date industrial machinery, test and estimation tools, computing center usage.

The main SPA SINTEG activities are submitted at projects realization in following areas: research and development, industrial plants production, management, information technologies and information security for companies and enterprises from further sector list:

  • energy;
  • oil-and-gas;
  • chemical;
  • state sector;
  • defense-industrial complex;
  • aerospace;
  • automobile;
  • and others.

SPA SINTEG development items and products are producing up to the best world samples, protected by patents and inventor's certificate.

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